Dedalus welcomes the new AWS European Sovereign Cloud

Dedalus joins AWS Partners and regulators to welcome the new AWS European Sovereign Cloud. 

AWS European Sovereign Cloud will be a new, independent cloud for Europe that gives customers in highly regulated industries and the public sector further choice and flexibility to address evolving data residency and resilience requirements in the European Union (EU).

As with existing AWS Regions, customers will have the control and assurance that AWS will not access or use customer data for any purpose without their agreement, as well as access to the strongest sovereignty controls among leading cloud providers. Only EU-resident AWS employees who are located in the EU will have control of the operations and support for the AWS European Sovereign Cloud. For customers with enhanced data residency needs, the AWS European Sovereign Cloud will allow customers to keep all metadata they create (such as the roles, permissions, resource labels, and configurations they use to run AWS) in the EU, and will feature its own billing and usage metering systems. 

The AWS European Sovereign Cloud will be sovereign-by-design and will be built on more than a decade of AWS’s experience operating multiple independent clouds for the most critical and restricted workloads. Customers who need more options to address stringent isolation and in-country data residency needs will be able to leverage existing offerings like AWS Outposts or AWS Dedicated Local Zones to deploy AWS European Sovereign Cloud infrastructure in locations they select. AWS Outposts are fully managed solutions that deliver AWS infrastructure and services to virtually any on-premises or edge location for a consistent hybrid experience. They are designed for workloads that need to remain on-premises due to latency, data processing, and data residency requirements, where customers want those workloads to run seamlessly with their other workloads in AWS. AWS Dedicated Local Zones are a type of infrastructure built for exclusive use by a customer or community and placed in a customer-specified location. They are designed to reduce the operational overhead of managing on-premises infrastructure at scale, and can be configured to meet a customer’s specific regulatory requirements. 

Since 2021, Dedalus has been using AWS to provide healthcare software solutions, including native and platform services for Dedalus’ care records, as well as cloud-related deployment capabilities. 

“Today, we stand at the cusp of a transformative era. The introduction of the AWS European Sovereign Cloud does not merely represent an infrastructural enhancement, it is a paradigm shift,” said Andrea Fiumicelli, Chairman at Dedalus.

“This sophisticated framework will empower Dedalus to offer unparalleled services for storing patient data securely and efficiently in the AWS cloud. We remain committed, without compromise, to serving our European clientele with best-in-class solutions underpinned by trust and technological excellence.” 

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