Enable efficient patient administration by automating your Revenue and Cost cycle processes, making the most of your administrative teams.

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In the healthcare world, the role of administrative processes is fundamental to ensure the correct operational functioning of each organisation.

Dedalus offers a wide set of tools to support, automate and coordinate administrative processes for healthcare providers, optimizing and managing the likes of Corporate Finance, Revenues and Cost Management, Procurement & Warehouse management and Patient Administration Systems.

We are GDPR compliant and our system implements a business management model both for Private and Public healthcare providers.  It provides an integrated view of core business processes using a centralised database determining cost optimisation, time efficiency and high-level organisation governance.

# Multi Accounting Schema     # Multi Company     # Multi Currency

# Multi Language     # Multi Warehouse     # Multi Device

Our system meets the needs of Healthcare Organizations in terms of:

  • Programming of support activities;
  • Internal control for preventive management;
  • Recognition and verification of company activities;
  • Quality control for constant monitoring of the value of the benefits provided;
  • Analysis of cash flows (cost accounting and analytical accounting) in a flexible and timely way.

Dedalus offers to the large and international group of diagnostic laboratories a range of solutions to support, automate and coordinate administrative processes in healthcare providers, optimising and managing Global Finance, Revenues and Costs Cycle Management, Procurement & Warehouse and Patient Administration System.

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