Healthcare technology experts to guide and deliver your transformational outcomes, letting you focus on your business.

Dedalus services support our clients in their digital transformation journey.

The way to deliver effective solutions in the healthcare ecosystem is rapidly evolving. It is fundamental to rely on experts to help ensure your support is flawless; your end users are happy; your issues get resolved; your security is breach-proof; and your applications perform as designed.

At Dedalus we help our clients to move their digital transformation journey ahead in multiple ways, delivering our solutions both on traditional on-premise or via a Cloud or Hybrid Cloud approach. We offer a comprehensive range of services to complement our full suite of industry-leading health and tech solutions.

We aim to help clients implement and derive value from their solutions as quickly and effectively as possible through our end-to-end services, from strategy to implementation, through to adoption and support. Our health and care experts, clinicians, business analysts and advisors can help you realise the full benefit of the technology you have put in place and achieve a faster return on your investments.

Dedalus Delivery Services can help you improve performance and achieve desired outcomes with your solutions today. In that way, we can help you leverage the investments you have already made, so you can reinvest in new technologies or improving your healthcare delivery capability.

Implementation Services

Dedalus implementation teams work side by side with you to ensure your project meets your goals and stays on time, quality and on budget. Our implementation teams leverage our experience from hundreds of unique implementations worldwide to make the design and configuration decisions and to implement a solution best adapted to your organisational requirements. Our seasoned delivery and technical professionals will work with you and your team to implement and configure a solution to accommodate your needs using concepts, tools and techniques from both traditional and newer, agile methods of project delivery.

Professional Services

Dedalus supports its clients through a comprehensive portfolio of professional services and teams of highly specialised experts in different technical domains including operating systems, database management, network and workstations. Dedalus Professional Services help you achieve quality outcomes through workflow optimisation, best practices, applied technologies and learning experiences. Our comprehensive and project-based implementation, consulting, education and technical services help you meet your organisational goals and strategic imperatives so that you can succeed in today’s healthcare environment. We work by your side to make the process of adopting, optimising and using your Dedalus products easy. We can help you :

  • plan a strategic timeline of projects and implementations, ensuring collaboration and success for all of your organisational priorities.
  • achieve quality outcomes that align with your strategic imperatives, meet your goals and create a joint plan through implementation and consulting services—all driving toward your desired outcomes.
  • meet all your organisation’s needs, resulting in improved adoption, optimisation and advancement, regulatory success, elevated clinical quality and enhanced end-user satisfaction.

Support Services

Our regional support and service operations teams offer round-the-clock technical assistance via web, telephone or email to help customers track and resolve any software issues. You can get designated 24/7 support, system monitoring and regular check-ups to ensure your long-term success and improvement. Our specialist support staff and development engineers across our regional monitoring centres provide security updates, workarounds, emergency fixes, and functionality or performance scheduling of bug fixes to our clients globally. These teams continuously monitor, maintain, upgrade and optimize our software solutions to enhance system performance and stability.

Continuous Improvement

After ‘go- live’, your Service Program Manager stays close to you to ensure you are getting the most that you can out of the software solution. Also, Dedalus staff provide advice and assistance on performance improvement, generating value from your data, service monitoring and regulatory support.

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