Our consultants help you to create strategies that prepare your Healthcare organization to meet the challenge of Digital Transformation.

Healthcare Digital Transformation

To address the healthcare sector challenges, governments are proposing national digital health strategies aimed at:

  • Automate clinical and administrative processes within health establishments, including the relationship with health authorities and public health processes.
  • Systems integration, in order to provide relevant information for decision-making at the different management levels of the health sector, provide greater clinical knowledge and promote multidisciplinary collaboration between professionals to improve the efficacy and safety of the health system.
  • Patient empowerment through telemedicine, self-diagnosis, home monitoring tools and process automation to improve accessibility and care equity, and make citizens more responsible for their health;
  • Health data governance for population health management and prevention.

Dedalus Consulting services helps healthcare organisations to successfully plan and execute their digital programmes, to achieve measurable improvement in the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of patient care.

From developing and defining your digital strategy to supporting its implementation, from analysis of current care pathways to shaping a future state operating model and action plan, from project scoping, business case definition to supporting use case implementation…. we offer services to help your organization plan and execute its transformation, and to drive lasting adoption of digital solutions.

Our methodology addresses the five dimensions of the Transformation Diamond:

  • People and Organisation;
  • Culture, Behaviour and Values;
  • Process and Service Redesign;
  • Management Systems and Measures;
  • Digital Information and Tools.

Guiding principles to succeed jointly

Our priority is to enable clients to succeed in their transformation or optimisation objectives. To deliver clear value, we apply a set of guiding principles:

  • Transformation plans and solutions are aligned with the client’s vision and operational capabilities
  • We use proven consulting methodologies based on business architecture principles, reusing knowledge and best practices
  • Pragmatism and efficiency: we adapt our approach to the client context, seeking to leverage existing assets wherever relevant
  • A partnership with clients based on trust and respect is at the core of our culture, to orchestrate all aspects of change: people, processes and technologies
  • We collaborate to create realistic Target Operating Models aligned with operational implementation plans
  • Innovative strategies build on a foundation that is fit for the future
  • We focus on delivering early benefits to the users, to achieve operational excellence and quality results

Deep industry expertise

Our consultants come from a variety of clinical and technology backgrounds, combining deep understanding and expertise of the healthcare ecosystem, business processes and digital technology to help our clients solve complex challenges and realise their strategic objectives.

They are experienced working with national and regional health authorities, and public and private healthcare organizations, on transformation programmes including Target Operating Models, process changes and optimisation, digital maturity assessments, digital roadmap definition, business change and adoption, clinical and business advisory services to develop innovative solutions for clinical research, analytics and new insights generation.



Meeting the new challenges of digital health together

1. Digital Strategy & Transformation

  • Develop a digital strategy and roadmap to transform healthcare deliverys, improve efficiencies and better patient care.
  • Utilise technology to meet clinical and operational objectives including care pathway optimisation, delivering new models of care , and increasing patient engagement and empowerment.
  • Digital investment benefit realisation.

2. Business Change and Adoption

  • Design and implement change strategies and plans to ensure all change is benefits driven and has a clear line of sight to client strategy and goals.
  • Redesign and optimise your business processes to achieve step change improvements in performance and to maximise digital maturity.
  • Establish Change Networks to focus on the people side of change. Effective stakeholder engagement is critical to the success of any change programme, and our Change Network approach ensures stakeholders, across all organisation levels and specialties, are at the forefront of design and implementation activities.
  • Develop the requisite skills in teams to foster a culture of continuous improvement and driving engagement and adoption of technology

3. Continuous Improvement & Optimisation

  • Ensure your organization has access to the best possible processes, experiences, and outcomes that can be achieved by making optimization continuous in the high priority areas.
  • Drive optimal value from your technology investments through established methods of process improvement and best practices.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in People, Process and Technology, for data-driven pathways.

4. Innovation and Insights

  • Build on a new generation open data platform to design creative, highly customisable and scalable solutions, using design thinking techniques.
  • Provide new value and insights by user profile
  • Scope and define data exploitation initiatives, based on a solid business case
  • Shape real time Advanced Analytics capabilities to deliver precise insights, supporting clients to move from reactive to proactive planning and decision making.

Why Dedalus Consulting

Our goal is to be the partner of choice- driving healthcare forward and supporting clients to achieve their aims & vision

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