Electronic Health Record for Primary Care

Allowing better clinical and administrative management

Primary Care providers are often the initial point of contact for a patient’s health and wellness, and are responsible for coordinating the totality of patient care throughout the healthcare delivery continuum.

A Smart Primary Care EHR should be designed to help the overburdened Primary Care provider by enabling them to spend less time clicking or swiping on template systems while documenting a patient visit, and more time engaged in one-on-one face time with the patient. The top EHR for Primary Care must be intuitive, easy to use, fast, and reliable. It must offer powerful health maintenance, disease management, and quality reporting features that facilitate communication between physicians and distribute clinical information across all channels of healthcare.

Highly interoperable, eSIAP solution has been created in an open environment that enables easy integration with other information systems, enabling resources and professionals to be managed from a single database for complete patient medical history. With its highly intuitive interface and design, users can navigate medical records with a few simple clicks.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures patient care and communication throughout the continuum of a patient's life.
  • Improves care quality and patient satisfaction while improving administrative processes and medical care.
  • Supports administrative, clinical and nursing management.
  • Delivers EMR implementations customized for specific healthcare regions.
  • Enables access to complete, integrated patient information.
  • Facilitates efficient processes for better quality of care.
  • Supports the continuum of care and is customized to support specific healthcare requirements by region for inclusive, multilingual care delivery management, regardless of culture, social status or gender, scaling across geographical boundaries.

Key features

  • Web-based system that runs with any internet connection.
  • Library of flexible templates.
  • e-Prescribing connected to the regional pharmacies.
  • Automated growth charts.
  • Scheduling for multiple facilities and providers.
  • Video consultation integration.
  • Automatic email appointment reminders for patients
  • Enables longitudinal multidisciplinary care plans for your patients from birth to old age with just one click
  • Automating workflow, with specialty-specific templates, including intake forms, SOAP notes, lab orders, and more.
  • Simplifying meaningful use for improved coordination of care, referral management, patient engagement, and office efficiency.
  • Providing immediate access to patient clinical records and seamless collection and reporting of data and patient health information.
  • Transitioning to an integrated, responsive patient portal.
  • Facilitating online appointment scheduling with an appointment reminder feature.
  • Enabling Telehealth services and consultation integration.

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