Business Intelligence for Healthcare – BI4H Solution

Implement analytical methodologies and optimize the performance of healthcare processes basing your decision making on relevant information.

Implementing analytical methodologies that allow promoting decision-making based on relevant information extracted from data, helps health institutions to improve the efficiency of their processes and the quality of their services.

However, the constant increase in the amount of data in organizations causes that maintaining an effective and “proactive” control over it, becomes an increasingly complex task.

In this context, health organizations require technological solutions that allow them to efficiently manage this massive input of data, to transform it into decisive information that helps them increase effectiveness in health.

Dedalus BI4H is a web-based platform that allows healthcare organizations to have all the data in one place for its optimized management and analysis.

Key Benefits

  • Access dashboard from everywhere using a full web solution.
  • Get the most of functionalities without the need of any technical skill.
  • Includes a full collection of Dashboards and KPIs specifi cally designed for Healthcare organizations.
  • Be proactive using event driven alerts and periodical reports.
  • Fully confi gurable solution, already integrated with the most signifi cant healthcare enterprise software.

Key features

  • A platform developed for the healthcare sector that allows a high level of configuration.
  • Interactive point & click e drill-down
  • Workbench free data exploration, without any SQL skill required.
  • Information are certified and their consistency is guaranteed by Dedalus.
  • Advanced data export.
  • Includes aplications based on machine-learning analytics.

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