Building a national patient-centered digital health system

Andorra National Health Service – Andorra

Like most European countries, Andorra operates a national health service. Known in the local Catalan language as SAAS, short for Servei Andorrà d’Atenció Sanitària, Andorra’s National Health Service was created in 1986 and today administers and manages the country’s public healthcare resources. That includes oversight of a hospital, 11 primary care centers, a social and health center, and a school health service.Andorra’s health service began its digital journey in 2004 with a project to create an electronic medical record (EMR) system. To build this system, SAAS turned to Dedalus for help.

“When we have a challenge, the first thing we do is ask for Dedalus’ advice,”Grande says, “because Dedalus has the experience of working with major hospitals and health services around the world.”

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