Meet the Team: Conor O’Mullane

Conor is a Business Development Manager in Ireland, with a diverse background in clinical, IT, and business

We are delighted to introduce Conor O’Mullane, who joined Dedalus in 2023 as a Business Development Manager in Ireland. With a diverse background in clinical, IT, and business, Conor brings a unique perspective to his role. Prior to joining Dedalus, he has worked as a Physiotherapist, gaining valuable experience in the healthcare industry. Conor’s expertise in both clinical practices and technology enables him to effectively bridge the gap between healthcare and business, driving innovation and growth for our company.

Get to know more about Conor and his contributions to Dedalus below.

Describe your role: 

I am a Business Development Manager working with our customers in Ireland, where I can leverage my experience, having worked in clinical, IT and business settings. I am passionate about recognizing and nurturing opportunities for digital transformation, and looking to propel strategic growth and innovation within the Irish healthcare system.  I can see great opportunities for steering the development and implementation of technology-driven solutions aimed at amplifying patient care and operational efficiency across expansive health systems. 

Tell us a little about your background/previous roles:

Before working as a physiotherapist, I had a career in business, IT and strategic planning. This blend of expertise helped me as an early adopter of technology for my own clinical work due to the pandemic in March 2020. I saw first-hand the insights it offered me and the positive impact it had on operational efficiencies, clinical capacity, cost reductions but most importantly patient outcomes, patient engagement, and patient satisfaction. This led to some consulting work in this area before moving full time to a Global Digital Health company based in Ireland where my roles included leading sales and business development. 

Now with this same passion for digital health and devotion to problem solving, I am excited to continue to work with large health systems to explore their problems and help solve them using innovative technology through Dedalus. I love the positive tangible impact I provide to healthcare businesses, allowing clinicians to focus on what they do best, and where all this started for me, gold standard patient care! 

Why did you want to join Dedalus? 

Dedalus’s commitment to revolutionising healthcare through innovative technology and a focus on comprehensive patient-centred care resonated deeply with me and my own aspirations.  I was drawn to the prospect of contributing my expertise toward advancing integrated care solutions in alignment with Dedalus’s vision. Dedalus epitomises technological innovation in healthcare.  Joining Dedalus allows me to continue to develop and learn from subject matter experts in a wide variety of areas within healthcare and technology, while also hopefully enabling me to contribute in some part to the advancement of healthcare services on a larger scale. 

What motivates you to come to work each day?

The opportunity to make a real difference motivates me every day. I’m driven by the chance to collaborate with brilliant minds, innovate with cutting-edge technology, and ultimately, transform healthcare delivery. Knowing that my work directly impacts patient care and facilitates clinicians in doing what they do best inspires me continuously.

What projects are you working on that excite you? 

In my short time here, I am very lucky to already have been exposed to a variety of projects. Projects that excite me tend to focus on enhancing healthcare delivery by seamlessly integrating technology into patient care. The ultimate goal is to craft unified and coordinated care experiences, surpassing conventional boundaries, ensuring patients receive precise care when and where they need it. The potential of using technology to achieve these objectives and elevate patient care significantly excites me. For me, it’s more than just refining clinical workflows; it’s about revolutionizing the delivery of empathetic and comprehensive care. 

What have you enjoyed most about working at Dedalus so far? 

The collaborative environment at Dedalus is brilliant.  The opportunity to work alongside passionate individuals who share a collective vision of advancing healthcare through innovation has been immensely rewarding.  The emphasis on driving meaningful change and the support for creativity and exploration make Dedalus an exciting and fulfilling place to work.

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