Dedalus Joins PRSB Standards Partnership Scheme

to foster interoperability and standardisation in healthcare

Dedalus Group, a leading global healthcare and diagnostic software provider, has proudly announced its partnership in the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) Standards Partnership Scheme.¬†This milestone marks an important step towards standardisation and streamlined interoperability across the healthcare industry, which supports Dedalus’ overarching vision of a digitally-enabled healthcare ecosystem.

Recognised as the largest EPR vendor outside the US, Dedalus Group serves over 6300 healthcare organisations and 5700 labs and diagnostic centres worldwide, processing its open standards-based solutions for a population exceeding 540 million.

“We see our partnership in the Standards Partnership Scheme as a critical part of our continued commitment to supporting the digital transformation of the healthcare system,” said Colin Henderson, General Manager, UK and Ireland.

Dedalus has been a committed partner to the NHS for more than four decades and recognises the indispensable value of working together to achieve the Institute of Health Improvement’s Quadruple Aim.

“We believe and understand that no single supplier can move the healthcare ecosystem forward alone,” William Smart, Global Director External Relations and Director of Provider Transformation for the UK and Ireland stated. He added that the standards partnership scheme would enable Dedalus to identify and collaborate with companies that share their ethos, hence accelerating the improvement of information flow across the continuum of care.

This strategic collaboration with PRSB aligns with Dedalus’ overarching purpose: Serve each member in the healthcare ecosystem to provide better care for a healthier planet. Dedalus sees this partnership as a forward-looking step to improve the speed, efficiency and delivery of services, as well as ensure their information systems meet PRSB standards, thereby directly aiding clinicians and healthcare teams in improving care delivery.

Mr. Henderson and Mr. Smart reiterated the importance of standards and interoperability in actualising its vision.

“The flow of information across multiple settings at scale is necessary for us to achieve a digitally enabled healthcare ecosystem. Data needs to be open, consistent, and secure. Interoperability and information record standards are therefore essential to our Dedalus Ways approach,” they said.

Looking ahead, Dedalus is enthusiastic about becoming more involved with PRSB and the Standards Partnership Scheme and is eager to embark on assessments for conformance.

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