Dedalus Explores Future of Medical Imaging at RSNA 2023: Unveiling 3 Key Trends

RSNA provided an exceptional opportunity to stimulate new knowledge and confront the primary challenges in the world of medical imaging

Dedalus was immersed at the paramount event in the realm of medical imaging, the 2023 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). This year’s edition marked a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to redefine industry limits. RSNA provided an exceptional platform for us to broaden our network, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and groundbreaking visions within the field of medical imaging. Here are the key takeaways from the event:


  1. Redefining Radiological Efficiency

The urgent need for efficiency in radiological workflows, often overlooked in the industry, was a central theme. Radiologists spend a significant portion of their workdays on essential tasks, diverting attention from their core professional competencies.

A closer look at the 2020 RCR census reveals that 58 per cent of radiology executives acknowledge a shortage of radiologists, compromising patient safety. This paradoxical situation, where there is a shortage of radiologists engaged in non-central activities, results in increased stress levels and burnout. Dedalus recognised this challenge and committed to reducing the time and effort required for specialized applications and measurements. RSNA served as an ideal platform to explore the potential of Large Language Models (LLMs), showcasing their revolutionary impact on the near future of the industry.


  1. Open Systems and Amplified Collaboration

The industry’s shift towards open systems reflects the contemporary landscape, enabling customers to choose solutions that best fit their needs. Dedalus aims to provide customers with an ecosystem of solutions, offering flexibility and the ability to select the most suitable options. This year, we introduced the innovative DeepUnity AI Cube, seamlessly integrating into existing IT environments and connecting radiologists with top-quality AI applications. Collaboration is at the forefront, and with advanced cloud technologies, we are establishing a connected healthcare network, overcoming the barriers of fragmented expertise. Learn more about DeepUnity AI Cube.


  1. Subspecialisation and Rising Demands

The evident trend towards subspecialisation in radiology, propelled by the rapid growth of medical knowledge, was a focal point. Dedalus is actively enhancing its DeepUnity suite to encompass various areas of specialization. The launch of our DeepUnity Viewer for pathology is just the beginning of a series of innovations designed to meet the escalating demands of modern radiology. Learn more about DeepUnity suite.

RSNA provided an exceptional opportunity to stimulate new knowledge and confront the primary challenges in the world of medical imaging. Dedalus eagerly anticipates witnessing our DeepUnity suite surpass the expectations of our partners and clients, staying true to our commitment to providing innovative solutions. Everything we undertake is in collaboration with our clients and for the benefit of patients.

See you at the next event to continue this journey. We invite you to join us at ECR 2024 – Igniting Innovation in Vienna.

Let’s continue creating value and reshaping the world of medical imaging IT, together.

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