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Dedalus ClinicalAide is a global Dedalus product available for the Australian and New Zealand market leveraging the ANZ region’s most widely deployed hospital patient record, webPAS.

ClinicalAide is designed with clinicians to support clinical demand. It is a modern mobile app (IOS, Android and Windows 10) that securely provides real-time clinical information at the point of care or “on the go”. Its simple, easy-to-use interface supports faster decision-making and intervention for the most common clinical roles and workflows.

Why ClinicalAide

Clinicians within acute hospitals are demanding immediate up-to-date patient information at the bedside or on the go to make informed decisions.

Clinicians are challenged with spending less time on record keeping and more time on taking care of patients whilst supporting standards.

Clinicians need simplified access to their systems and data ensuring a common, auditable system of record is maintained.

Organisations need to support key agendas (in a more digital way) to be more efficient, improve patient flow, reduce costs, and improve the quality of the service.

Organisations need a mobile solution that integrates using contemporary, healthcare-grade standards like FHIR APIs to their patient record.

Key Benefits

  • Improve clinician engagement:
    ClinicalAide has a simple, intuitive user interface that clinicians easily learn and want to use, whether they are inside or outside the hospital.
  • Reduced effort, better outcomes:
    ClinicalAide helps hospitals improve operational workflow and provide their patients with higher-quality care and better outcomes. This is accomplished by mobilising your core asset, clinical staff, which enables increased productivity and efficiencies.
  • Increased efficiency:
    ClinicalAide helps increase efficiency with instant access to patient data during ward rounds. It provides cohesive documentation across clinicians to facilitate handover. This speeds decision-making when delivering care.
  • Better patient management:
    The many resources available through ClinicalAide make it an effective tool for accessing patient information. Examples of fully integrated information sources include lab results, and patient health history.
  • Better patient engagement: ClinicalAide facilitates patient engagement as the clinician has more time at the bedside. With a wealth of clinical data at their fingertips, clinicians can assist patients to better understand their treatment through visual explanation of their progress and results at the point of care.

Key Features

  • Tiled Summary Overview and Detail view for patient details
  • Includes Problems, Allergies/Intollerances, Alerts, Procedures, Encounters, Documents, (Forms, Letters, Notes) Worklist overview
  • Multi list views (e.g. by Ward or Clinician), Worklist overview and Preferences
  • Results and Observations (Summary, Tabular & Graphical views)
  • Delivers clinical patient data from Clinical Workstation integrated with the predominant ANZ patient record, webPAS.


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