amPHI Ambulance Electronic Prehospital Record (ePCR) Solution

amPHI’s Clinically Driven Ambulance Electronic Prehospital Record (ePCR) Encompasses the Entire Care Pathway from Patient Collection to Hospital Arrival.

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The Dedalus amPHI Ambulance Electronic Prehospital Record (ePCR) Solution Vision

“Our commitment is to provide a flexible and efficient Ambulance Electronic Prehospital Record (ePCR)  solution, which empowers the paramedic by bringing the expertise of the organisation directly to the paramedic and aiming to enhance the focus on the patient by delivering a seamless patient care from emergency episode to hospital handover”, said Knud Buus Pedersen, Managing Director
Dedalus Prehospital Solutions

amPHI’s™ Ambulance Prehospital Record solution is a clinician designed complete digital care pathway that is secure, reliable, and resilient, from dispatch to hospital handover. The solution is scalable, and configurable to adapt to organisational need and provides powerful data mining capability.  amPHI’s ability to seamlessly stream information between response units and receiving care facilities supports true collaborative care.

A complete and connected electronic ambulance care record is the foundation for a coherent and synergetic prehospital intervention. amPHI is a unique solution in the market, offering patients the best possible treatment through a simple and fast collection of relevant patient data, communicating it along the continuum of care.

The amPHI Ambulance Electronic PreHospital Record (ePCR) Solution Components:

amPHI Mobile – Live streaming mission critical data between responding units, and receiving hospitals ensures a collaborative approach to care and seamless clinical handovers can be achieved. Real time video conferencing, live chat, image, and ECG sharing further aides collective patient management between ambulance and hospital teams.

amPHI Web – Comprehensive role-based dashboards provide receiving hospital teams real time prehospital patient information and logistical data allowing clinicians to best prepare for the patient arrival.

amPHI Secondary Triage – Supports early initiation of the Electronic PREHOSPITAL Record (ePCR)  offering a documented decision of care pathway and allows responding ambulance units to have direct access to the information.

amPHI Special Events Module – Extends the applications capacity, instantly creating a command centre of web-based dashboards. These provide a powerful tool for collaborative management of mass casualty incidents between central dispatch units, ambulance responders and all receiving hospital clinical teams.

amPHI Fleet Management Module – Fleet tracking and utilisation tool providing organisations a real-time overview and status of available ambulance units and their position as well as data collection for personnel assignment activity, overtime and meal breaks to better prepare and plan response resources.

amPHI is currently installed in more than 800 ambulance response units (road and air) with 15,000+ users, servicing over nine million citizens. amPHI boasts a consistent uptime of more than 99.98% and is supported by 24/7 system surveillance.

Video: ampHI, moving from episodic care to continuum of care

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Dedalus at Council of Ambulance Authorities (CAA) conference, August 2023.

CAA Congress in August 2023 was a wonderful few days of learning, sharing, and connecting with our colleagues in the industry.

Søren Rasmussen, our global product manager for amPHI joined us from Denmark to share his amPHI expertise and support our Dedalus booth.


Key Benefits and Features of amPHI's Ambulance Electronic Prehospital Record (ePCR) Solution are described in the image to the right.

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