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Enhancing healthcare access through efficient appointment scheduling and robust patient engagement is a significant challenge for healthcare provider organisations. Providers need to streamline operations and boost patient satisfaction while minimising administrative burdens. Meanwhile, patients expect seamless digital interactions with their healthcare providers, akin to the user experiences they enjoy in banking and travel.

In this webinar, the Dedalus team will explore how innovative solutions are transforming appointment scheduling and patient engagement. We’ll dive into the methodologies used, discuss real-world outcomes and learnings, and identify key elements of effective design in modern healthcare software. Participants will gain valuable insights into optimising operational efficiency, improving patient access to care, and elevating the overall patient experience. Join us to learn about the future of healthcare access and patient engagement.

We explore interoperability and cybersecurity in healthcare, reflecting on the balance between open standards and security, the implications of recent data breaches, and the future of healthcare technology.

Key Takeaways

  • Importance of Open Standards: Leveraging open standards like HL7 FHIR can foster innovation and reduce costs in healthcare systems.
  • Cybersecurity Challenges: The cybersecurity risks associated with more open systems bring the need for robust security measures to protect sensitive health data.


  • National Health Interoperability Plan: How the 2023-2028 plan addresses interoperability alongside cybersecurity concerns, aiming to enhance patient care while securing data.
  • Role of Technology in Healthcare: The potential of technology in healthcare, especially regarding data integration and patient access.

One of the key challenges faced by healthcare provider organisations seeking to go digital is how can they ensure that the software solutions they want to invest in, will be adopted and utilised by clinicians.

Clinicians themselves want to focus on practicing at the peak of their professional capability, delivering exceptional care, and minimise bureaucratic repetitive documentation tasks or having to navigate non-intuitive clinical software.

In this webinar, the Dedalus team will take the audience behind the scenes to showcase how our design teams operate to guide the development of our clinical software to meet the needs of clinical and non-clinical users. They will demonstrate the science used, the methodology applied, and some of the outcomes of the process. The audience will gain an understanding of why human centred design is essential in modern clinical software to maximise the opportunity for adoption by clinicians.

Facilitator: Dr Louise Schaper Presenters: Ina Wechsung, Dedalus Director of User Experience at ORBIS; Katharina Van De Sand, Dedalus UX/ UI Design Specialist; Christina Möhn, Dedalus UX/ UI Design Specialist; and George Patapis, Dedalus ORBIS Business Lead for ANZ.

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