Safety, security, health and environmental protection
are important and enduring challenges in a changing world.

At Dedalus, protecting people and the environment isn’t just a legal or social obligation, it’s integral to our operations.

At Dedalus, protecting people and the environment is not just a legal or social obligation; it is a commitment integrated in our operations. For that reason, we approach these matters with the same sense of responsibility – and just as methodically – as we do issues concerning product quality, productivity and cost-efficiency.

Prevention is a crucial pillar of all our activities. Our corporate policies and guidelines outline our commitment to ensuring the safety of people and protecting the environment. We maintain these standards by adhering to local laws and regulations, cooperating with local authorities, and communicating openly and transparently about our activities.


Cyber security isn’t only about IT. It requires a strong culture, robust products, operations and services. Dedalus has a clear strategy and an operational plan to securing our products and services. This relies on a solid foundation of data security. Regardless of the devices Dedalus people are using, we monitor every component. We ensure that all the computers and smart devices are adequately protected against advanced cyber-attacks and malicious hacks.

Periodic audits, including penetration tests and security checks, are performed to ensure their effectiveness.


Data privacy protection

Our clients and the security of their data are our clear focus.. The evolution of all management systems and the updating of our team’s knowledge and skills enable Dedalus to respond quickly, effectively and consistently to the new standards set out by GDPR.

We, at Dedalus, believe that the principles of openness and transparency are the key to building a strong value chain and corporate reputation. For this reason, we focus on initiatives and interventions aimed at product optimisation, with specific regard to all new aspects of data security and regulatory requirements.

These are fundamental prerequisites for a risk prevention strategy that is both robust and forward-looking.

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