RSNA 2023
November 26-30, 2023 | Booth #3929|
McCormick Center, Chicago, IL
Step into a new era of boundless possibilities, where transformative technology embarks on a journey to enhance global health. With unwavering dedication, we blend the power of AI, cloud technologies, and medical imaging, creating a symphony of innovation that reaches far and wide. Join us on this remarkable voyage, as we unveil the future of healthcare together.
Unlocking Powerful
AI Synergy

Prepare to embark on a journey of discovery with our revolutionary radiology solution.
Say hello to a transformed approach with DeepUnity AI Cube, as we seamlessly integrate your PACS with a range of state-of-the-art AI solutions.
DeepUnity AI Cube elevates efficiency, patient outcomes, and diagnostic precision, all within a unified platform designed to empower radiologists and streamline workflows.
Let AI serve as your invaluable ‘second pair of eyes’ for every study, freeing up your time to tackle intricate cases.

Embrace the advantage of leveraging diverse AI solutions at lowered costs, unlocking unparalleled capabilities like never before.

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The future has never been more present

Immerse yourself in a groundbreaking experience that transcends boundaries and takes you on a journey beyond imagination. Step into the shoes of tomorrow’s radiologists, interact with doctors’ offices like never before, and embrace the marvels of an AI assistant by your side.

With the power of teleradiology at your fingertips, witness the future unfolding right before your eyes.

Are you ready to step into a realm of endless potential?

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Pushing the boundaries of medical imaging, together

In Diagnostic Imaging IT, Dedalus, we envision transforming digital healthcare ecosystems by fusing engineering, data, and cutting-edge technologies, crafting the future of Medical Imaging IT. Seamlessly blending cloud-native, hybrid, and on-premises intelligent technologies, we aspire to deliver efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability for remarkable outcomes. Embrace a revolution in diagnostic imaging with us.

DIIT our pillar to operational excellence
Everything we do, we do for our customers to provide them with the right expertise and practices for faster, better, and more sustainable results.
We trust in creating new knowledge and sharing it with our partners to strengthen collaboration, empowering every healthcare player to achieve high-quality standards.
Our passion for innovation and understanding needs represents our driver in every phase, from the designing to the execution. A constant learning approach allows us to mitigate roadblocks.

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