When simplicity meets innovation

Unleashing the bundled power of AI for Radiologists

At the heart of every breakthrough lies an idea that shapes the future. At Dedalus’s Diagnostic Imaging department, our goal is to simplify patient care and help healthcare professionals provide faster, more precise diagnoses in the easiest, most user-friendly way. We were aiming to forge a solution that would seamlessly merge human expertise with the cutting edge of technology. Introducing DeepUnity AI Cube, the answer to simply improve patient care.

DeepUnity AI Cube easily integrates into an existing IT landscape and connects radiologists with verified AI applications from our expanding partner network. Increased diagnostic accuracy and efficiency gains by reducing implementation costs are just the tip of the iceberg of our solution’s.

The name “Cube”
Our commitment
The name “Cube” is not just a choice; it is a testament to our commitment to modularity, to the idea that innovation should not just stand alone but should interconnect seamlessly, like building blocks.
Cubes, by their very nature, stack up and unite, creating structures that are so much more than just the sum of their parts. This essence of integration and expansion resonates at the core of the DeepUnity AI Cube.

But there is more to it. “Cube” signifies a leap into the modern, the advanced, the cutting edge. It is a term that embodies the very essence of transformation and evolution, and by extension, it becomes a rallying point for all those who believe in pushing boundaries.

Unlocking Powerful
AI Synergy

Each corner of the DeepUnity AI Cube represents simplicity – the simplicity of deployment, the simplicity of accessing powerful AI technology, the simplicity of supporting by getting diagnoses done, in a fast and precise manner; and therefore, the simplicity of offering better patient care with ease.
As we step into tomorrow's radiology landscape, the DeepUnity AI Cube becomes your partner, your guide, and your innovator.

Join us as we shape the future together, not just with technology, but with a vision that transcends
limitations, reaches for the stars, and ultimately, unites humanity's expertise and the wonders of AI in a harmony that is nothing short of revolutionary.

You can come and discover our newest solution, the DeepUnity AI Cube, at RSNA in Chicago!

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