Pronti, partenza, via!

By Colin Henderson

It’s a privilege to be writing this inaugural UK and Ireland blog as a Dedalus employee and part of one of the largest Healthcare IT software companies in the world. What a colossal effort from so many to work through the complexities and considerations of the divestiture process whilst continuing to deliver on our customer commitments (and all this whilst COVID was upon us…).

We have had a very positive reaction to the acquisition across our customer base. The most common questions are enquiries on current product, personnel and service arrangements, and a general curiosity on what it will all mean to be a Dedalus customer. Our customers can expect both continuity and opportunity. On continuity, we have over 300 individuals in the UK & Ireland focused on ourproducts, solutions and services that we deliver to over 170 customers in this region. There are over 1000 individuals focussed on UK & Ireland including our software development teams. This continues within Dedalus, an organisation that is 100% focused on digital transformation in health & care. That brings us to opportunity. Dedalus brings a strong portfolio of complementary capabilities that we are excited to share with our customers. Dedalus has very strong credentials in Laboratory solutions, for example, with over 5300 laboratories supported worldwide, with examples in multiple geographies of successful transformation of diagnostic services. In addition to a rich suite of clinical & hospital focused software, and regional care coordination capabilities, Dedalus brings advanced capabilities and software solutions in logistics & supply chain management, business intelligence and clinical knowledge portals. The building blocks are plentiful and can be utilised as required for each unique situation. Wecan summarise the layers as systems of record (specialist systems where data is captured and sits –which tend to be localised), systems of insight (intelligent use of data to help inform next steps, planning and action required) and systems of engagement(flexible access to the information, in context, based on role) –all connected and underpinned by a cloud-based interoperability platform built on open standards and APIs. So welcome to Dedalus. We are looking forward to delivering as much technology enabled value as we can. After all -Life flows through our software!

About Colin Henderson

Colin has focused on healthcare & life sciences technology solutions for 20 years. Initially in business development, sales & strategy consulting (IBM & Perot Systems), his last 10 years prior to Dedalus have been in general management roles as EVP Europe for Orion Health & General Manager HCLS industry for DXC technology.

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