Building connected health and care systems: Integrating services with actionable data

In order to meet the aspirations of Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Quadruple Aim for Healthcare, the management and delivery of care is increasingly moving beyond the walls of an individual institution to focus on integrated and coordinated care, built around the needs and preferences of the patient. Digital first tools and services are increasingly becoming part of the landscape of care, and the patient expects a single, integrated and coordinated experience of their care.

Healthcare organizations need real-time visibility of the performance of their services and the wider health system in order to most effectively and efficiently meet the needs of their patients. However, the data required to make this a reality is often not easily accessible. With the right approach – including the ability to integrate and ingest data across disparate applications, to link datasets, to gain evidence-based insights about populations, and to support clinical workflows across organisations – these challenges can be addressed.

Open Health Connect is a digital platform that provides the building blocks to enable healthcare organisations to support better clinical and operational decision-making by providing access to real-time data and insights across the continuum of care.

Six pillars of value: Meeting healthcare data needs

The Open Health Connect platform comprises six pillars that together provide a comprehensive platform ecosystem for innovation and modernisation to create a connected health ecosystem based on open standards and APIs, that connects care providers, patients and other caregivers across organisational and geographic boundaries.

  1. Integrate: Open Health Connect addresses the digital health challenge of enabling the flow of complex and fragmented data from disparate applications.
  2. Ingest: Through its integrated care record, Open Health Connect provides a single datastore to hold data that has been ingested from data aggregated from multiple source systems and normalised to the FHIR standard.
  3. Tag: Open Health Connect provides out-of-the-box semantic linking of datasets with hundreds of health conditions, that enable clinicians and researchers to ask relevant questions and extract specific data that accelerate the development of analytics insights based on AI/ML approaches.
  4. Insight: Open Health Connect provides analytics and evidence-based insights about populations and individual health.
  5. Inform: The Analytics Workbench component provides evidence-based insights about populations and individual health, enabling investigative intelligence on the data in the longitudinal patient record through navigable dashboards and visualisations.
  6. Intervene: Intervene allows clinicians to visualise an event and provides them with an intervention based on clinical decision support best practices.

The Open Health Connect Difference
As the healthcare industry looks gain more real-time access to and insights from the vast stores of data and information about patient care, Open Health Connect and its flexible, independent, yet connected pillars will make it easier to:

  • Integrate data from a wide range of existing healthcare applications easily and quickly.
  • Aggregate data faster and create an open, interoperable, agile platform environment connecting your existing and legacy assets.
  • Fill the gaps in the investments that businesses have already made in data integration and analytics and maximises the value by tapping into existing investments in data and systems.
  • Enable collaboration with partners across the healthcare ecosystem by leveraging industry standards
  • Create an integrated digital-care record or a consolidated data lake that allows users to cross-link information and derive new insights using structured and unstructured information, internet of things, wearable medical devices and more.
  • Securely integrate and share data across the healthcare ecosystem into an abstract longitudinal patient record.
  • Deploy an ecosystem of front-end solutions to support patients, providers and care coordinators via integrated and collaborative platform services based on Industry Standard APIs.

Key Benefits

  • Achieve faster time to value
  • Integrate disparate data
  • Securely share data
  • Deliver an outstanding digital user experience
  • Real-world insights based on real-world evidence

Key features

  • Information-sharing across the entire healthcare ecosystem
  • Efficient collection of population health data
  • Faster treatments brought to market
  • Healthier patient outcomes

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