HYDMedia G6 – Enterprise content management

HYDMedia is the holistic enterprise content management system for the clinical and administrative areas of the hospital.

Private Health and Social Care Provider

All relevant information and documents are digitally integrated and made available at the end-user’s workplace. HYDMedia thus ensures the paperless exchange of information and facilitates the collaboration between all employees in their respective areas across data boundaries. HYDMedia overcomes the restrictions of vertical applications in this way.


HYDMedia – Clinical documentation
Digital documents from hospital information systems, clinical workplace systems and medical specialist systems are directly transferred and archived in an audit-proof manner. Automatic entry in the document list of the patient file enables a view of the current treatment status at any time. Central administration of access rights guarantees a high level of data security. The connection of RIS/PACS systems to HYDMedia allows access to DICOM objects and their archiving – including conversion from DICOM to JPEG formats.

HYDMedia’s own software modules can also be used to acquire, display and assign diagnostic images to the medical history. Adjustable views of the patient file, e.g. of all previous illnesses, provide a perfect overview of all documents and allow patients to be treated more quickly.

HYDMedia – Business operations
HYDMedia enables the creation of digital stores of information (digital archives) for a wide range of subject areas and tasks. Patient and personnel files, supplier files and contracts as well as financial accounting and purchasing documents are backed up in an audit-proof manner and are available at any time and at the respective workplace. HYDMedia can be used as a stand-alone information system or, with appropriate interfaces, can be connected to leading systems as an archive and store of information, such as personnel or financial accounting software. It is also possible to store the data and documents generated by workflow applications so that they are available rapidly.

HYDMedia – Workflows
Every clinic and hospital want to increase its own efficiency and profitability as well as be able to respond quickly if changes occur in its business processes. Digital workflow solutions, once implemented in a system, take over a large part of the original coordination and communication tasks. This relieves employees and allows them to concentrate on their actual tasks. With workflows for e.g. digital invoice processing and contract management as well as for quality management, HYDMedia is able to control complex, recurring work steps in a more structured and transparent way to increase security and efficiency in the respective processes. HYDMedia workflows are based on the systematic approach of BPM (business process management). In this way, it is possible to capture, design and execute both automated and non-automated processes.

HYDMedia and IHE XDS
HYDMedia provides the required IHE XDS profiles and can thus become the central data and document hub within an affinity domain. On this basis, a complete electronic patient file is created within the affinity domain and is accessible from any IHE-XDS consumer.

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