Vision & Mission

We help Caregivers and Healthcare professionals to deliver better care to their served communities.


Our purpose is simple: to be the preferred partner to enable every actor in the healthcare ecosystem to collaborate effectively to deliver the best possible health outcome.

This purpose shapes our vision: Dedalus sees a broad healthcare ecosystem in which all actors, from patients to caregivers and healthcare professionals, from national/regional authorities to public/private health care providers, are effectively collaborating to improve all the determinants of health.

Dedalus aims to be the preferred partner of all these actors to support them in their digital transformation journey.

With our innovative framework of comprehensive and process-oriented solutions, we enable the revolutionary digital transformation of healthcare systems nationwide, focused on patient needs, enabling the digital journey across the continuum of care for patients and healthcare providers.

The digital transformation of healthcare must address five key issues:

  • IT infrastructure modernisation that creates a robust and scalable utility infrastructure underpinned by strong cyber security and that supports the goal of making healthcare IT carbon neutral by 2030.
  • The provision of scalable and open healthcare platforms to enable efficient healthcare operations, improve clinical engagement and collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem by addressing the connectivity and interoperability of existing applications across the care continuum.
  • The modernisation of proprietary and ‘closed’ healthcare applications to progressively embrace the latest Open Data architectures and make clinical decision support central to real-time decision support for healthcare professionals and enable personalised medicine (precision medicine) by integrating genetic and phenotype data into routine clinical care.
  • Creation of a ‘Digital Front Door’ for the citizen and caregivers to facilitate and democratise access to health services and to engage and activate citizens in their well-being and health care delivery.
  • Optimising care processes by aggregating multiple data sets (i.e. operational, clinical, demographic, behavioral, financial, social, etc.) to monitor in near real-time the use of allocated human and physical resources and to optimise delivery through predictive modelling of each sub-segment of the healthcare ecosystem.

To realize our vision, we leverage our values:

Embracing people and challenges: we care about our people, our customers and their patients, embracing their challenges with an enduring determination to succeed.

Achieving excellence together: doing something better than we did the day before, despite it being difficult or challenging, developing everyone’s talents and qualities, valuing our relationships and our community.

Innovation at scale: we passionately cultivate innovation, having the opportunity to test it in multiple international contexts and rapidly bringing it to scale.

Individual responsibility: as essential way of acting in our daily work.

Pursuing diversity and inclusion: by getting to know our people better and leveraging the richness created by diverse teams, where the special perspective of each individual member counts.


Healthcare ecosystems deliver mission critical services and tasks in a highly complex and rapidly changing environment. A radical shift in the healthcare service delivery paradigm is taking place, moving from the episodic approach to care toward a continuum of care model that puts the the needs of the patient at the centre of the solution design process.

With its innovative framework of comprehensive, process-oriented suite of solutions, Dedalus Group aims to enable this revolutionary transformation for all healthcare organisations, for caregivers and professionals, and for patients and citizens.

Our mission is to enable and enhance clinical cooperation and processes optimisation with an incremental approach to protect our customers’ past investments. Each person, as a complex individual with diverse and changing needs, is the start and end point of the Group’s activities and the ultimate beneficiary of our work.

For this reason, we are so proud to a “very special job” every day.

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