Early Detection

Clinical evidence demonstrates that pathologies like oncology and cardiology ones need early diagnosis and treatment. In the Continuum of Care, it is fundamental to use flexible solutions able to support Clinicians in Early Detection.

Early Detection

Clinical evidence clearly demonstrates how clinical outcomes is directly related to the early detection and consequently early treatment of a pathology. In the Continuum of Care it is fundamental to rely on a flexible set of solutions dedicated to early detection of highly impact pathologies, such as oncology and cardiology. Screening campaigns are fundamental to contributing to monitoring population health, ensuring relevant results in terms of clinical outcomes and sustainability of the whole healthcare system.

Dedalus has experience working in this area for many years, through a wide set of solutions, that are easily adaptable to different needs: from oncology screening campaigns, to neonatal audiology screening campaigns from population target analysis and selection, to invitations, scheduling, execution, results notification, and recalls activity.

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