Digital Transformation

In this paper, Dedalus experts present the main Healthcare topics that are driving the ecosystem and how  Dedalus respond to them.

Our vision for ‘ecosystem transformation’ is based on our belief the need to address the problems caused by the fragmentation and a lack of standardisation of data across the healthcare industry, that cause a poor experience for patients and suboptimal service delivery.

Andrea Fiumicelli – CEO Dedalus Group

As part of this vision, we are working closely to evolve our services in our new platforms in terms of:

  • the consumption of Hybrid Cloud as utility services;
  • services to optimise data processing and “insights”;
  • edge-computing at the point of care, to provide further business continuity; and
  • strengthening the cybersecurity of the healthcare ecosystem.

In addition, as part of the Healthy Planet initiative, we have pledged to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Our technical proposal can assure evolution without discontinuity. Introducing a public API ecosystem to allow more granular data exchange capabilities between the Dedalus Healthcare Platform and partner applications through a tiered approach.

At the same time, we put great attention to the Security extension of the use of blockchains to all transactional components such as the FHIR repository, the consent repository, the XDS repository. It enables data encryption by default.

We support the “ecosystem” stakeholders by providing data and insights directly in the hands of the clinicians, staff, patients and their families, creating value from the data stored in the systems of record and existing applications to run their business better.

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