A powerful tool for improving patient engagement.

PatientAide lets healthcare organisations communicate better with their patients. It provides secure mobile access to key services and the information patients need to make informed decisions about how best to manage their health and actively participate in their care.

Accessed via a mobile app on smartphones or tablets (Android and iOS) or a secure web-portal that can be rebranded by the care provider and be customised to meet their patient population’s specific needs. PatientAide enables patients to undertake relatively straightforward administrative tasks such as booking appointments to letting patients add health data gathered from third-party devices to their record.

Key Benefits

  • Improved patient engagement and treatment management.
  • Collaborative care planning - clinical teams can analyse and stratify patient data gathered through the app to identify health issues and share findings with the patient.
  • Wellness device integration - Providers will be able to stratify information and apply it to improve a patient’s health status and behaviours.
  • Real-time communication - PatientAide will allow interaction with real-time location systems, so patients can be automatically checked into a healthcare facility or identify the nearest location for emergency services.
  • Personalized health education. Patient education and self-management resources about common conditions can be easily shared with patients.

Key features

  • Agile appointment scheduling - Patients will be able to quickly view and change their healthcare appointments if needed.
  • Mobile device support and connectivity.
  • Access to medical records. Patients get secure access to view and download their medical history, discharge summaries, test results and prescription schedules.
  • Population health management. A fitness dashboard aggregates data from well-being mobile apps and devices such as Fitbit and displays targets and trends
  • Optimal interoperability. Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) APIs, suitable for use with any API gateway.
  • Analytics capabilities.

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