Enteprise Management

Creating connected healthcare economies

Dedalus Enterprise Management is an enterprise health information system that connects
everything from patient demographics to clinical data and financial reports. It delivers information
exactly where it’s needed and helps to create connections between each part of the healthcare
It’s essential that the technology used to manage the flow of information around institutions
keeps pace with the challenges facing healthcare professionals. Clinicians are under constant
pressure to stay up to date with the latest advancements to make the best treatment decisions.
Without fast access to accurate patient data and clinical references, medical professionals are
impeded in their decision making.
They need software systems that move information to the point-of-care as fast as possible. Digital
healthcare systems and electronic health records (EHRs) have revolutionized the way healthcare
can be provided. Dedalus Enterprise Management helps to create connections between each part
of the healthcare web, delivering information where it’s needed, at the right time.
Based on the latest technology, Dedalus Enterprise Management offers a future-proof IT roadmap
for organisations that demand the highest possible performance, availability and return on
investment from their information systems.


  • Powerful planning – Dedalus Enterprise Management offers staff scheduling functionality with built-in availability awareness.
  • Financial control – for a healthcare institution to operate as a profitable business, a
    comprehensive billing and credit system is fundamental.
  • Electronic medical records – provides clear, instant view of patient record at point of care.
  • Enhanced care delivery process – powerful workflow tools that support the automation
    of common processes. Medical staff, including nurses, can use these tools to keep
    treatment consistent across multiple wards.
  • Highly configurable – in-built flexibility means that the software can be deployed in
    organisations of all sizes from large, centralised hospitals to small, distributed clinics.
  • Enterprise scalability – can be deployed to healthcare enterprises of any size. Dedalus Enterprise Management is an open, standards-based system; it is designed to
    integrate with a range of external applications. Its interface engine supports the
    internationally-recognised Health Level Seven (HL7) protocol at various levels, so it can
    exchange messages with any other system that uses HL7.

Key Benefits

  • Get the right information, decision-making and support tools at the point of care.
  • Save time using smart diagnosis software that recommends a possible course of action.
  • Better manage resources, from surgical instruments to food, using sophisticated and simple-to-use inventory software.
  • Plan effectively for crisis situations such as major accidents or epidemics.
  • Reduce administration time and improve cash flow by automating charging processes.
  • Provide patient better care based on faster decision making and improved collaboration between clinicians.

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